Friday, March 12, 2010

Survivor 20 Week Five: Tom Gets Kneecapped

The Heroes continued to be Zeros, losing the chocolate challenge, going down with another injury (James knee gave out under the weight of his ego plus all that steroid-induced muscle mass) and losing another immunity puzzle challenge. Then they dug themselves an even deeper hole by voting off this game’s savviest strategist, Tom. They guy who should have gone is James, who can’t walk anymore and, as Tom says, is “all mass, no class.”
The swing vote was cast by J.T., who cemented his rep as a wishy-washy weasel.
On the Villain tribe, Russell scratched around for days until he found the immunity idol. He plans to whack Boston Rob out of the game with it. Next week they say mean things to each other (and they do it a day early as Survivor moves to Wednesdays for two weeks due to the annual March Madness college basketball tournament).

Amber Dowling (TV Guide Canada): "It’s no surprise the Heroes continue to lose challenge after challenge, considering the latter games of Survivor have all boasted lopsided teams going into the merge. Plus, every single booted contestant admits the Villains have fewer egos, and have bonded better." Read the rest of Dowling's recap here.

Michael Bolen (The National Post): "Last week, it seemed as if Tom played his idol perfectly by eliminating a key rival and ingratiating himself with his tribe’s power player, JT. But instead of putting him in the driver’s seat, it simply highlighted the danger he posed and helped to send him home." Read the rest of Bolen's recap here.

Kat Angus ( "I mean, really: Tom? Sure, he is James’ biggest detractor, but with James sidelined, Tom is the Heroes’ strongest player – which they clearly need, since even Colby admitted they only shine during wrestling-based challenges." Read the rest of Angus' latest recap here.
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