Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fallon's Night Two Numbers

Was there a big Jimmy Fallon fall off for night two of Late Night? In Toronto, Fallon actually held much of his 2+ premiere audience from the night before. An estimated total of 37,000 tuned in to Fallon at 12:37 a.m. early Wednesday morning on Barrie’s A channel CKVR, down 7,000 from the 44,000 opener (all numbers BBM Canada NMR overnights).
That dropped Fallon (above, with Tina Fey) behind Tonight (CKVR, 11:35, 46,000) and the U2 enhanced Letterman (OMNI1, 11:35, 44,000), as well as the usual late night Toronto leaders The Daily Show (CFTO, 12:05, 66,000) and The Colbert Report (CFTO, 12:35, 55,000). Well back were City’s Jimmy Kimmel (11,000), down sharply after being goosed to 51,000 the night before as the babe switchin’ Bachelor took his lumps with Jimmy.
Those 7000 missing Fallon viewers went directly to OMNI1’s Craig Ferguson, up to 18,000 in the wee hours of Wednesday morning.
Fallon’s biggest fall of was among viewers in the 25-54-year-old demo. He sank from 24,000 viewers to 9,000 in Night Two. Letterman and U2 seemed to gain from that switch, with Dave drawing 22,000 in the demo Tuesday night.
Fallon's Night Two fall off was sharper in Vancouver, where he dropped from 16,000 to 7,000 night to night.
TUESDAYS PRIME TIME NUMBERS: The Rick Mercer Report continues its strong season with 1,102,000 2+ viewers. Jeopardy! At 7:30 was right behind at 1,031,000, although just 231,000 25-54. This Hour Has 22 Minutes, featuring Gavin Crawford’s killer Iggy impression, pulled 738,000, with rookie pony show Wild Roses lassoing at 432,000.
Cash strapped, signal shedding CTV drew 2,027,000 "commercial" viewers with their two hour American Idol simulcast (CTV’s final “Total” viewers will be slightly higher). Law & Order SVU drew 1,092,000 at 10.
Insolvent “E”jector Global scored a hefty 1,154,000 with Idol proof NCIS. Nearly a million bailed at 10 p.m., as zipless remake 90210 lurched to just 190,000 viewers.
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