Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Radio Rant and a Top C-10 List

Another week, another podcast. This time, CHML Talk Radio's Scott Thompson and I get into the whole Bill C-10 debate. Sorta makes you nostalgic for the writers strike, doesn't it? Make a game of it--take a drink every time the phrase "tax credit" is used. Listen up here.
Meanwhile, here, from the home office in Ottawa, are the Top C-10 changes to Canadian film and TV as a result of the Bill C-10 amendments:
No. 10: Title of the film "Young People F***ing" changed to "The Road to Penetration"
No. 9: tax credit revoked for the new, racy, reality show sequel The Week The Women Came.
No. 8: MVP now about the "secret lives of government meat inspectors."
No. 7: Corner Gas's Brent Butt forced to change name to Brent McVety
No. 6: Bell cell phone beavers replaced by muskrats
No. 5: On Trailer Park Boys, Bubbles, Ricky and Julian replaced by the Rankin Family
No. 4: No number 4, Heritage Ministry bureaucrats too busy surfing porn
No. 3: Sexy homeland security babe on The Border replaced by Red Green's Nephew Harold
No. 2: Offensive "Snake" character digitally removed from Degrassi reruns
And the No. 1 change to Canadian film and TV as a result of the Bill C-10 amendments: Peter Mansbridge forced to wear pants again on The National
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