Monday, March 17, 2008

Oh Say Can You C-10

Remember all that kerfuffle about Bill C-10? Way back a week or so ago?
Gawd, Canadian political scandals are so dull. If only somebody at Heritage Canada was trying to take away tax credits from thousand-dollars-an-hour hookers, instead of TV and film producers.
That's why I'm illustrating this post with the Friday cover of the New York Post, picked up while in Syracuse over the weekend. Maybe some Canadian producer will try to turn this naughty scandal into a TV-movie, only to have the tax credits yanked. If only that was all Spitzer had yanked.
Anyway, if you missed these two articles linked below, they kinda give you the ying and the yang of the whole sordid C-10 scene. Film critic Brian D. Johnson and columnist Andrew Coyne are cubicle mates over at Macleans. Both sit on opposite sides of the Bill C-10 debate. Coyne got off a sarcastic swipe at the Canadian arts community here ("Man the barricades! Film tax credits are taking fire!"). Johnson responded by sticking up for his arty pals here ("Culture, condescension and Bill C-10: a response to Andrew Coyne"). It's not quite the virtual street fight that occurs in the comments section here, but, hey, at least both these guys have the guts to use their names.
By the way, that "Keep your censoring hands off of Canadian film and TV! No to Bill C-10!" Facebook site? Closing in on 35,000 members.
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